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An airplane flying over a computer.

How bad is it if you post your boarding pass on Instagram? Our guest, “Alex” decides to figure this out for themself and has quite a story about what happened. You can read more from “Alex” on their blog https://mango.pdf.zone.

We also hear from TProphet who’s here to give us some travel hacks to save tons on airfare when we start traveling again. You can learn more about TProphet’s travel hacks at https://seat31b.com or https://award.cat.


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JACK: [MUSIC] I went to Europe once, all by myself. I had to save up for like, a year to afford to go but once I got there, I had no money to do anything so I sometimes snuck into places. I won’t say specifics but I’ll give you some ideas. I snuck into a castle once. Yeah, my trick was to find the gift shop and see if the tours dumped out in the gift shop or something and sure enough, they did. So, I went in through the exit. The castle was pretty cool. I was able to scramble up long, twisting stairwells and get into higher floors and look at rooms and stuff. Eventually another tour came through and I just jumped in that and went back out. I had such little money on that trip; I remember once going to a hamburger stand and literally asking for half of a hamburger because I didn’t have enough for a whole one.

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