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A person who found a key in a computer.

In this episode we interview two NSA Cryptologists, Marcus J. Carey and Jeff Man. We hear their story of how they got into the NSA and what they did while there.

To hear more stories from Jeff tune into Paul’s Security Weekly where Jeff is a regular co-host and shares a lot of stories and insights.

Marcus has written several books on security. They are Tribe of Hackers, Tribe of Hackers Blue Team, Tribe of Hackers Red Team, Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders, Think in Code, and a childrens book called Three Little Hackers.

Also check out the Tribe of Hackers podcast to hear interviews with all these amazing people!


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JACK: Hey, it’s Jack, host of the show. Did I ever tell you about the time I tried to sneak into the Pentagon? Yeah, after college I took a trip to Washington, DC all by myself. I like traveling alone, I guess. There’s a certain kind of freedom I like about it which allows me to reinvent myself on trips. Anyway, there’s this metro, a subway, that goes underground through Washington, DC. I jumped on it just to see where it would go and one of the stations it took me to was the Pentagon. I’m like alright, this sounds cool. So, I jumped off and somehow ended up at the employee entrance to the Pentagon. There were no visitors allowed in this area for sure, so I stood and watched how people were getting in and out. Out were one-way turnstiles. In; everyone was scanning their badges and went through a metal detector. I decided to try to do a fake badge scan and see if I could just walk on in. I saw some guy walking up, so I followed him and did exactly what he did. He leaned over, scanned his badge on the reader, and then walked through.

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