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Guy walking away from ATM with bag.

This is the story of Cam Harrison, aka “kilobit” and his rise and fall as a prominent carder.


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JACK: I have this theory that if you ever go to Western Union or use a Western Union, you probably have an interesting story as to why. Here’s my Western Union story. This one time I had a job and while working there, I got to be friends with a co-worker. His name was Billy Ray. Billy Ray was a wild, crazy older guy who had so many stories that I didn’t even know if they were true or made up or what. I would sometimes hang out with Billy Ray after work. He had an unusual way of looking at the world; he was pretty suspicious and didn’t trust anyone. He had a lot of street smarts too, and he always made sure to keep an eye on me to help me stay out of trouble, too. [MUSIC] One day after work which was pay day, Billy Ray asked if I could drive him home. I said sure. We hop in my car. He says hey, on the way home, can we stop by Western Union? I said Billy Ray, there’s nothing good for you at Western Union. Trust me, you don’t want to go there. He said no, no, no, I have to send money back home to my ma in Milwaukee. I said fine, so we drive to Western Union. I park on the street right in front.

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