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What do you do when you find yourself the target of a massive hacking campaign, and you are getting thousands of phishing emails and someone keeps following you in your car? You might turn to Citizen Lab who has the ability to research who is behind this and help bring the hackers to justice.

Our guests this episodes are Adam Hulcoop and John Scott-Railton of Citizen Lab. This episode also has an interview with Matthew Earl of Shadowfall.


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JACK: Good versus evil. This is something I think about a lot, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a fair fight. [MUSIC] The good team has virtues such as ethics and morals, and tries to do what’s right. But the evil team by definition lacks virtues. They have no problem breaking the law or playing dirty to complete their objectives, but the good team will uphold the law. So, if you have an evil hacker in the world, they’re not gonna play fair or with morals to accomplish their mission. They’re going to deceive, lie, cheat, threaten, break laws, and be reckless. It doesn’t matter what it takes for them to be successful, and the hackers on the good team don’t do that stuff. They’re accountable, responsible, honest, considerate, and strive to have excellence in all that they do. To me, this means it’s not a fair fight. One side fights dirty and acts in bad faith and can’t be trusted, while the other can’t fight like that since their hands are tied to morals and integrity.

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