Jayson E. Street

Jayson E. Street has been working in infosec for almost 2 decades. He’s both a defender and does offensive missions too. In this episode he tells us a story about the time he broke into a bank in Beirut Lebanon, and everything went wrong.

Thanks to guest Jayson E. Street for sharing this incredible story. Jayson can be found on twitter as @jaysonstreet and his website is jaysonestreet.com.

Jayson E. Street
Jayson spinning in a chair behind the teller line.

Jayson E. Street
The $250,000 in cash.

Jayson E. Street
Jayson behind a different bank's teller line.

Video of Jayson telling the First Beirut Bank Heist story. Story is between 7m-17m marks.

National Geographic episode of Jayson robbing a bank in Beirut [official clip] [unofficial clip]

A list of all of the contents of Jayson’s “vest of doom”.

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Music in this episode: “The Loss of Blood” and “Blood Loss” by Ian Alex Mac. “Shake It!”, “Wastecnology”, “Gross (Glee Gross Revisited)”, “Lullaby”, “Flutter”, “Twin”, “Wet Socks”, “F.O”, “Owls”, “Liar”, and “Wild Ones” by Jahzzar.