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Hacking Mage

Credit card skimming is growing in popularity. Gas pumps all over are seeing skimmers attached to them. It’s growing in popularity because it’s really effective. Hackers have noticed how effective it is and have began skimming credit cards from websites.


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JACK: In October 2015, Carlos, a Florida man, was manufacturing credit card skimming devices. These are little devices you can stick on a gas pump and anyone who comes and swipes their credit card at the gas pump will get their number saved to this little device. It’s a popular attack because not everyone is watching the gas pumps so you can easily sneak your skimmer onto it. It’s hard to sneak a skimmer onto a point of sale terminal in a store because the clerk is standing right there but gas pumps are usually standing right there in the open for anyone to just go use. [MUSIC] Carlos’s skimmers were slick; they were small, battery-powered, and can store up to a gigabyte of data on them. He stuck one on a gas pump and came back a few days later, plugged a USB cable into it, and downloaded all the credit card data off there. This is called track data.

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