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Hackers Protesting

Kashmir is a region right in between India, Pakistan, and China. For the last 70 years Pakistan and India have fought over this region of the world, both wanting to take control of it. Tensions sometimes heat up which can result in people being killed. When tensions get high in the real world, some people take to the internet and hack their rivals as a form of protest. In this episode we’ll explore some of the hacking that goes on between India and Pakistan.


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[FULL TRANSCRIPT] JACK: Want to hear something crazy? For a while, this show, Darknet Diaries, was banned in India. Yeah, I was really mad when it happened. A viewer in India opened Apple Podcasts and tried to find my show; it just didn’t exist. [MUSIC] This is annoying because I have a lot of listeners in India. It’s like, one of the top twenty countries that listen. My Indian listeners often chat with me on Instagram. It’s kinda weird how they use that app more than any other social app I’m on but okay, whatever. That’s why I hang out on different spots; to soak up the culture of the internet. Anyway, why was my show banned in India? Actually, it’s quite simple. In fact, it’s not just mine; hundreds of thousands of podcasts are banned in India. It comes down to this one simple thing; if any of my episodes were marked as explicit, it was not listed in Apple Podcasts in India. They have a very strict rule that does not allow explicit material to come into the country. But recently, Apple Podcasts changed that so now when you search for my show, you get this warning box and it says This Show Contains Explicit Content Which is Restricted on This Computer. It says you have to go into your settings and allow explicit content in order to play this show which is not much of a barrier at all anymore, which is good because this episode is all about India.

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