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Surveillance Raven

This is the story about an ex-NSA agent who went to work for a secret hacking group in the UAE.


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Darknet Diaries is created by Jack Rhysider.

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JACK: What’s a mercenary? Let me look this up; okay, there are two main definitions. One is a soldier hired to do work for another army and the second is a person who works purely because of monetary gains. I’m gonna guess that they don’t have allegiance other than whoever is paying them. They’re hirelings; they get paid to do a job and to get it done and they’re not supposed to ask why. But mercenaries are people and people are complex. They’re filled with emotions and they actually do have allegiance even if they’re paid to forget about that. If you pay a mercenary to do something that goes over their moral line they’ve got internally, conflict happens and everything falls apart.

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