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Ransomware is ugly. It infects your machine and locks all the the data and to unlock you have to pay a fee. In this episode we dive into some of the people behind it.


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JACK: [MUSIC] Ransomware is a special type of malware. It’s kind of new and different compared to other malware. While most malware is quiet, downloading silently in the background, hiding itself from the victim, ransomware is the opposite. The moment it installs on your system, it announces it’s there in the loudest and boldest way possible. Ransomware locks down your computer completely, rendering it unusable. The purpose is to shout out that is has taken over your machine and until you pay a fee, you’re not getting it back. There are so many stories right now about businesses and government departments that are getting hit with ransomware and it costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix. Russian railways got hit, banks, hospitals, governments, towns. The mobile phone operators got hit. Universities in China were hit. FedEx got hit in the US. Telefónica in Spain, and Renault in France. They’re all infected and their data was held ransom.

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