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Uber Black Badge Defcon 19

This is the story about how I acquired a black badge from DEFCON (pictured above).

We also hear the story about who PPP is, and their CTF journey at DEFCON.



The image above is the picture of the “PPP power book”. This had some pretty awesome LEDs scrawling words across the back. And PPP used this in DEFCON 21 to launch all their attacks with.


Photo of PPP after DEFCON 22. Tyler is in the red shirt kneeling down in the front row.

A few members of PPP have also won the Pwn2Own competition. This is where the web browsers and software companies all come together to see if any hackers can find vulnerabilities in it and will pay out prizes for any vulnerabilities found. George won one year, and Richard Zhou won another year.


A very special thanks to Tyler. Good luck at Defcon this year.


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Full Solve the Badge Writeup


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JACK: [MUSIC] Okay, so this one time at Defcon – see, Defcon is in Las Vegas and Vegas never sleeps. Well, neither does Defcon. After the conference ends for the night, the place morphs into a night party, so after me and some friends spent the whole day at Defcon, we went and ate dinner, freshened up, and headed back to Defcon to check out the scene. We were told there was this rocking party in this one conference room so we all pop in and check it out. It was loud, like really loud. The room was actually quite small, about the size of a small classroom, and at one end of the room was a DJ spinning tunes. He looked bored as he was doing it. The room had bright red lights everywhere with intense blacklights shining in your face. I looked around; there were like me, my three friends, the DJ, and two other guys in this room.

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