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Picking a lock.

Take a ride with a red teamer. A physical penetration tester as he tries to make his away into unauthorized areas, steal sensitive documents, hack into the computers, and escape with company property.

Take a look at what is in a physical pen tester’s backpack.


Thanks to Kyle (@icommitfelonies) for telling us this story.


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Artwork this episode by Yakoross.

Theme music created by Breakmaster Cylinder. Theme song available for listen and download at bandcamp. Or listen to it on Spotify.

Additional music by Epidemic Sound.


Recording equipment used this episode was the Shure SM7B, a cloudlifter, Audient ID4, Sony MDR7506 headphones, and Hindenburg audio editor.


[FULL TRANSCRIPT] JACK: [MUSIC] When I was young, I used to like sneaking around places that I shouldn’t have been in. I liked getting in the back-of-house areas in performing theatres or casinos. This one time I went to explore a mall where I lived and I found a huge back hallway, a corridor that connected all the back of the stores together. It was such a big back hallway that a truck could drive through it. It was fun to explore and it was a major shortcut across the mall so I ducked down this corridor from time to time. Every time I went down this back hallway, I saw signs hanging up everywhere that said JDLR. I used to stop and read these and try to figure out what it meant. JDLR? Just Don’t Litter Raisins? Junior Dining Living Room? What does JDLR mean? One day my friend got a job at the mall so I asked her. Hey, what’s JDLR? She tells me it means Just Doesn’t Look Right.

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