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Join JekHyde and Carl on a physical penetration test, a social engineering engagagement, a red team assessment. Their mission is to get into a building they shouldn’t be allowed, then plant a rogue computer they can use to hack into the network from a safe place far away.


A very special thanks to JekHyde and Carl for sharing this amazing story.


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JACK: [MUSIC] Hey, it’s Jack, host of the show. A few years back I went to Silicon Valley to do some training. While visiting, I decided to visit Google. I didn’t know anyone there and they didn’t know I was coming. I just wanted to park and walk around the building and see what it looked like. A co-worker and I used Google Maps and found it. There it was, the main headquarters for Google. Actually, they call it the Googleplex, the place where e-mails are stored, browsing history, map locations, it’s all there. Not to mention the source code for so many products, too. If that data isn’t in these buildings, the people who work in these buildings have access to that data. We find the place; we pull into the parking lot. No guard gate in the parking lot. Cool. We park the car and as soon as I get out, there’s a bunch of bicycles just parked everywhere. No chain or locks, and these bikes are all super colorful; red seat, yellow body, green fenders, blue handlebars. I’ve heard about these. These are the free Gbikes. Googleplex is so big and employees need to get across the campus so they put these free bikes everywhere for employees to ride.

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