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Disc Encryption

In 2007, a hacker named Eijah got fed up with the way DRM prevented him from being able to play the content he paid for. He decided to fight back against the AACS and find a way to circumvent the DRM. By the time Eijah was done, his life wasn’t the same.

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Big thanks to Eijah for sharing his amazing story. Check out Eijah’s current projects he’s working on:




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JACK: Using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data, otherwise known as a hack; some people do it for greed. Some do it for knowledge. Some do it because they’re just plain bored and they can. Then there are those people who do it because they’re pissed off, really pissed off and they want things to change.

EIJAH: Sometimes it falls on us to just decide we’re going to change the world, or just decide that we’re going to take a stand, just decide that we’re fed up.

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