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A major retailer was hacked. Their point of sales machines were riddled with malware. Listen to hear how digital forensics and incident responders handled the situation. What malware was found? Where was it found? How was it stopped? And most importantly, how much data was leaked?


Big thanks to Courtney Dayter and Matt Bromiley for sharing their story.


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TOM: I was having trouble sleeping one evening. I had gone to bed and then I woke up, so I went downstairs to just futz around for a little bit. I turned on my computer and I was looking at my e-mail and here was a message from my bank, B of A, saying that my account had dropped below $25. [MUSIC] At the time, it didn’t trigger anything in me because I only – I knew I had about thirty-something dollars in it and it was a account that I used to keep money for equipment materials, that type of thing, for my business. But anyway, so I thought of that and just eh, okay, fine. Then I went back to sleep and when I finally got up in the morning, all of a sudden I’m sitting there making my coffee and I’m going well, why did my account go down below $25? I haven’t used that account in a couple of weeks.

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