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Girl sick in bed

In 2013 a hospital was accused of conducting a medical kidnapping against a young girl name Justina. This enraged many people across the country, including members of anonymous. A DDOS attack was waged against the hospital.

A graph of the bandwidth used in DDOS attack. The blue indicates what hit the hospital’s network. The red indicates what Radware was able to absorb.

Bandwidth graph

The Boston Globe newspaper ran a front page story about the attack.

Boston Globe front page

Protesters gathered in support to free Justina.

Free Justina protestors

A more popular anonymous account sent a tweet.


The CIO of the hospital published a full report of this attack in the New England Journal of Medicine (paywall). http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1407326


YouTube videos:

Information about the hacker arrested:


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JACK: Anonymous and activism often cross paths. When there are injustices in the world that triggers protests or riots there’s often online versions of those protests too, and if somebody wants to simply be the voice of the citizens of the world, they can be anonymous and make threats to an organization. These anonymous online protestors have targeted governments, churches, organizations, to try to expose their corruption. They have been known to wage online attacks so hard that the organization goes completely offline, or they take it a step further and get internal access to the network and cause whatever destruction they can from within.

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