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A shadow grabbing a person.

Brett Johnson, AKA Gollumfun (twitter.com/GOllumfun) was involved with the websites Counterfeit Library and Shadow Crew. He tells his story of what happened there and some of the crimes he committed.

In part 2, his past catches up to him.

Listen to more of Brett on his own show. https://www.thebrettjohnsonshow.com/.


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JACK: Tell me about what some of the eBay scams were going on. How can you rip someone off on eBay?

BRETT: So, some of the scam – well, man, what I would do, if it were going in Christmas season, I would see what the hot item was. Typically it was a lot of cameras, it was a lot of laptops. It was those high-dollar items that people were really wanting but they didn’t want to pay full retail price for. So, the idea is you need to come in at an amount that causes that potential victim to put logic and reason at the door and react emotionally, but you don’t want to come in at it so low of an amount that it causes them to question what’s going on. That’s a very thin line that happens. But I’d find a Canon XL1 and I would post that, a couple pictures of it…

JACK: Hold on a second.

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