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Join us as we sit down with Jason Haddix, a renowned penetration tester who has made a name for himself by uncovering vulnerabilities in some of the world’s biggest companies. In this episode, Jason shares his funny and enlightening stories about breaking into buildings and computers, and talks about the time he discovered a major security flaw in a popular mobile banking app.


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JACK: I used to work for this company, and I worked on the overnight shift, and they had a parking garage. But the best parking spots were all assigned to management. Not only that; you had to have a special parking garage badge to get in, so I always had to park far away. What really bugged me is that I was on the night shift, and there were only three of us on the night shift. So, it was like the whole parking garage was empty. Well, one day I brought my skateboard to work and was just rolling around in the parking garage during my break, and I rolled up to the mechanical arm that blocked you from getting into the garage, and to my surprise, it opened as I rolled up to it. What?

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