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A woman battling a jellyfish with computer cables for arms.

In this episode we hear some insider threat stories from Lisa Forte.


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JACK: Here’s a question; what’s the biggest threat facing music venues, sports stadiums, and theatres? Well, I don’t know, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess, but it’s insider threats. What I mean is I think there are a ton of people who want to get free entry into all these places, and they do get in without paying all the time by using an insider. I’ve seen it with my own eyes; I’ve been to the movie theatre and saw someone pay their way to go in and then once inside, open up one of the side doors and let their friends in who were outside. I’ve also seen the same thing at a baseball stadium; someone was standing outside the exit and they were just waiting for someone inside to leave, and as soon as that door opened on the stadium, boom, they grabbed the door right before it closed and went inside and quickly blended into the crowd. They just got free entry into a sporting event, all because someone on the inside let them in. Insider threats are a major problem that companies have to face.

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