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Darknet Diaries stats and analytics for 2018

Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018

Total downloads


Downloads per day


Each spike is an episode release day. Except for some which were caused by either a Tweet from a popular account, mentioned on a podcast, featured in an article, trending in a podcast app, or being featured in a podcast app.

In around August there is a significant rise in daily downloads. This is due to a Tweet from Internet of Shit which linked to Pocket Casts, which resulted in the show trending there all the way up to #2 which resulted in many new listeners. Then a few weeks later I won a contest with Castbox where they promoted my show because I won which got me a few more thousand listeners.

But what beats all that is all the word of mouth that listeners have been doing. A lot of listeners have said they’ve told their friends and got everyone in their office to listen to the show. Amazing and thank you!

Episode Stats

Ep 1: The Phreaky World of PBX Hacking09/01/1749,592
Ep 2: The Peculiar Case of the VTech Hacker09/15/1742,552
Ep 3: DigiNotar, You are the Weakest Link, Good Bye!10/01/1738,895
Ep 4: Panic! at the TalkTalk Board Room10/15/1736,761
Ep 5: #ASUSGATE11/01/1734,537
Ep 6: The Beirut Bank Job11/15/1737,531
Ep 7: Manfred (Part 1)12/01/1736,586
Ep 8: Manfred (Part 2)12/01/1734,388
Ep 9: The Rise and Fall of Mt. Gox12/15/1737,150
Ep 10: Misadventures of a Nation State Actor01/01/1839,401
Ep 11: Strictly Confidential01/15/1838,101
Ep 12: Crypto Wars02/01/1838,464
Ep 13: Carna Botnet02/15/1839,855
Ep 14: #OpJustina03/01/1842,761
Ep 15: Ill Tills04/01/1841,901
Ep 16: Eijah05/01/1844,572
Ep 17: Finn06/03/1850,264
Ep 18: Jackpot07/01/1848,883
Ep 19: Aurora08/01/1852,115
Ep 20: mobman08/15/1855,849
Ep 21: Black Duck Eggs09/01/1864,391
Ep 22: Mini-Stories: Vol 109/15/1855,412
Ep 23: Vladimir Levin10/01/1851,322
Ep 24: Operation Bayonet10/15/1854,888
Ep 25: Alberto11/01/1851,504
Ep 26: IRS11/15/1848,219
Ep 27: Chartbreakers12/1/1847,596
Ep 28: Unit 820012/15/1844,961

Spotify Stats

For some reason this is counted separately. Total Spotify downloads for 2018


Episodes averaged around 8,000 downloads each on Spotify.


159 Apple Podcasts reviews in 2018
844 Apple Podcasts ratings in 2018

End of year podcast app stats

Podcast Addict and Castbox display how many subscribers my podcast has. Here are those stats for the end of the year. website analytics

Total visitors in 2018: 72,841

Monthly visitors:

Total page views: 251,797

Top sources of traffic:

Google search  27,085

Social Media

Twitter (Jack): 12.3k followers
Twitter (Darknet Diaries): 3.8k followers
Instagram: 14.6k followers
Facebook (Darknet Diaries): 6.7k followers
Linked In (Jack): 900 connections
Subreddit members: 682

Here’s to 2019!