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Person looking at a reflection of themself.

Igor works as a private investigator in NYC. He’s often sitting in cars keeping a distant eye on someone with binoculars. Or following someone through the busy streets of New York. In this episode we hear about a time when Igor was on a case but sensed that something wasn’t right.


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JACK: I love a good spy story. It’s so intriguing for me to think that someone among us might not be who we think they are. They’re fake in their name, their background, and their purpose trying to get information of some kind. It’s always interesting to see what kind of methods these people use to communicate right in plain sight, but to the untrained eye, you have no idea that a message was being sent. Like, for instance, there’s been times when spies would tie their shoelaces in a specific way to communicate certain things. So like, if your shoelaces had extra knots in them, it could mean something like don’t approach me, or if the shoe was tied with laces crossed over it or under it, that might mean okay, all clear; come give me the message.

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