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Hacker moving from the dark to the light.

Ghost Exodus is a hacker. He conducted various illegal activities online. Some of which he documents on YouTube. He’s also a great musician. He got into some trouble from his hacking. This is his story.

A big thanks to Ghost Exodus for sharing his story with us. Also thanks to Wesley McGrew for telling us the inside story.


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Video of inflitration.


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[START OF RECORDING] JACK: In my early twenties, I worked in a nightclub. I wasn’t doing anything special; just washing dishes and stuff. But one day I overheard something that I still remember today. One of the servers was taking a customer’s drink order and for some reason I heard the order. It was standard cocktail for some reason I knew this drink cost $4.00. When the server came back with the drink, the customer pulled out his cash and asks, how much is it? The server told him it was $5.00. She was scamming customers who paid in cash. She would pocket the $1.00 extra and claim it was a tip, and then give $4.00 to the bartender to ring it up. Clever stuff. I was even a little mad I didn’t think about it even though I didn’t have to deal with money at all, but still, I loved trying to figure out ways to exploit the system in my early twenties. But whatever; I was now in this new awkward position. Do I tell management about this? I get anxiety about stuff like this.

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