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Killer Whale Tangled in Ethernet Cables

Cam’s story is both a cautionary tale and inspirational at the same time. He’s been both an attacker and defender. And not the legal kind of attacker. He has caused half a million dollars in damages with his attacks. Attacks that arose from a feeling of seeing injustices in the world. Listen to his story.

Thanks to Cam and Sean from CSA for being guests on the show.


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JACK: You ever see something on TV or in the news and it just really gets under your skin? Like, something that really upsets you and you can’t just sit there and do nothing about it now that you know it’s going on. So, you get up to do something but what do you do? You could make a call to complain to someone, you could write a letter to complain, or even go there in person to complain. Maybe a lot of other people are mad too, so there might be a protest outside and everyone’s shouting. This is the story about a guy who got really worked up over something he read about and decided to take matters into his own hands.

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