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Computer worm going through a sea of cables

Samy Kamkar is a hacker. And while he’s done a lot of stuff, he’s best known for creating the Samy Worm. Which spread its way through a popular social media site and had crazy results.

Thanks to our guest Samy Kamkar for telling his story. Learn more about him by visiting https://samy.pl/.


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JACK: Hey, it’s Jack, host of the show. When I was a kid, I got an ant farm for my birthday. It’s like, two panes of glass with some sand in between and you can watch the ants dig tunnels and go about their day. It was really cool. But when you get the ant farm, it doesn’t contain any ants. You have to order the ants and they’re mailed to you. The first thing I thought about when I was a kid and I heard about this was wait a minute, I can mail ants to anyone I want? I think that is basically the hacker mindset; to completely ignore something’s intended use and find new ways to employ it. Today we’re gonna talk with a hacker who sees the world this way, and we’ll hear all the joy and trouble it’s brought him over the years.

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