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Bank Robber

ATM hacking. Hollywood has been fantasizing about this since the 1980’s. But is this a thing now? A security researcher named Barnaby Jack investigated ATMs and found them to be vulnerable. Once he published his data the ATM hacking scene rose in popularity and is a very serious business today.

One of the first big ATM robberies was done with the malware called Carbanak. Jornt v.d. Wiel joins us to discuss what this malware is.

How Carbanak works.


Thanks to Jornt v.d. Wiel for telling us the story of Carbanak.

Thanks to dade for providing helpful information about ATM hacking in movies.


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Barnaby Jack



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JACK: Hey, what’s up?

DADE: Not much, just reading.

JACK: Cool. What are you reading?

DADE: I’m reading Exploding the Phone. It’s about phone phreaking, kind of the history of it.

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