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Nude selfies. This episode is all about nude selfies. What happens if you take one and give it to a vengeful ex. What happens when a hacker knows you have them and wants to steal them from your phone. Something does happen, and it’s not good.

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Hunter Moore


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JACK: There’s a lot of sexual content in this episode, and adult language and themes. Consider this episode explicit. Let’s talk about your smart phone. How much does it know about you? [MUSIC] It knows when you’re sleeping because you put it down next to your bed and the room is quiet and dark for eight hours. It knows all the things you say on Twitter, your e-mail conversations, your Facebook messages, and it knows what games you like to play. But the most personal thing I think it knows about you is what you look like naked. Cosmo Magazine conducted a survey on 850 millennial women and 89% of them said they took nude selfies. Now, if nine out of ten women are taking naked photos of themselves, this could be a problem.

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