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Nuclear Enrichment Centrifuges

Stuxnet was the most sophisticated virus ever discovered. Its target was a nuclear enrichment facility in Iran. This virus was successfully able to destroy numerous centrifuges. Hear who did it and why.


Very special thanks goes to Kim Zetter for being a guest on this episode.

She is author of the book Countdown to Zero Day.

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JACK: [MUSIC] In the eighteenth Century the US had the Army and Navy to defend and attack with. In the 20th Century the US developed an Air Force to carry out strikes with a new level of speed, precision, and agility. In the 21st Century the US created and launched cyber weapons with the goal of destroying physical equipment in another country, an attack that can be done from the other side of the planet without any ground troops or air support needed, an attack done entirely electronically. There are now five domains of warfare that the US military recognizes and is responsible for. That is land, air, sea, space, and now information. It’s amazing to see this shift of power happen right in front of our eyes. We were here at the birth of this new military weapon and it will forever change the way diplomacy is conducted, wars are fought, and battles are waged.

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