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A cyber bull with wires and circuitry

Omar Avilez worked in the CSIRT of the Dominican Republic when a major cyber security incident erupted. Omar walks us through what happened and the incident response procedures that he went through.

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JACK: So, throughout my life, I’ve had this recurring dream. It starts out with me being in my front yard, and coming down the street is a wild bull. [MUSIC] It’s typically white in color, and it’s just on a terror. It’s running around the neighborhood, smashing up cars, knocking down trees, trampling everything in its path. Nothing can stop it. Then, it for some reason turns and looks at me, and I can tell it’s coming for me. I mean, it’s so wild; it’s falling down, tumbling, running into houses and stuff, trying to turn to come towards me. So, I quickly run into the house, slam the door shut, lock it, and then go to the window to look to see what’s going on. But the bull just runs right up to my house, hits the front door, and just busts through it like it’s paper.

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