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Someone throwing lockpicks into the air.

Deviant Ollam is a physical penetration specialist. That means he’s paid to break into buildings to see if the building is secure or not. He has done this for a long time and has a lot of tricks up his sleeve to get into buildings. In this episode we hear 3 stories of him breaking into buildings for a living.

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JACK: Antwerp is a town in Belgium. Actually, it’s Belgium’s largest city, but what comes to mind when I say Antwerp? To me, at least, it’s diamonds. It’s the hub of the world’s diamond trade. Well, I imagine if the town is bustling with diamonds, then it’s probably also attracting some criminals wanting to steal those diamonds, right? [MUSIC] In 2019, a robbery occurred that really took things to the next level. It was actually a bank, and it was situated in the diamond trading district in Antwerp. Monday morning, bank employees came to work and checked out the vault, but something was wrong with the vault and they called the police, who had to force their way into the vault only to find that the place had been robbed. How, though? The bank had all the right security measures; cameras watching the bank doors, motion sensors in the bank and sensors in the vault doors themselves, and everything was secured tight. So, how did they get into the vault?

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