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What happens when an innovative tech company, that’s trying to develop the next big thing, detects a hacker in their network? We hear the story from a digital forensics investigator which has a surprising result.


Thanks to Andrew for sharing his story.


Music in this episode: “The Loss of Blood” and “Blood Loss” by Ian Alex Mac. “Ice Climb”, “Tarnish”, “Loll”, “Halflight”, and “Tippi Canoo” Podington Bear.

Photo by yousef alfuhigi on Unsplash.



JACK: Today we’re talking with Andrew.

ANDREW: I’m a District Forensics and Incident Response Consultant.

JACK: Andrew works on a team that does incident response. Once malware is detected on the network it’s up to him to go in, study the malware, and remove it. Andrew, do you like doing this kind of work?

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