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A few bottles of poison near a computer.

TeaMp0isoN was a hacking group that was founded by TriCk and MLT (twitter.com/0dayWizard). They were responsible for some high profile hacks. But in this story it’s not the rise that’s most interesting. It’s the fall.

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JACK: It always fascinates me how powerful a single computer is in someone’s bedroom. On a computer, a person can fall in love, get an education, get a job, do their job, and it gives us endless access to entertainment like movies and music. But what really intrigues me is that keyboard and mouse can be extremely dangerous; the right combinations of keystrokes are illegal, such as hacking into a bank and stealing money, which all can be done on a computer in your bedroom. You barely need to move your fingers much at all to make it happen, yet such a small physical movement can have a massive impact in the digital world. It’s asynchronous and logarithmic to the point that it’s hard to visualize. A push of a button can bring a whole country to a halt, and the wrong combination of keystrokes can have some serious consequences for whoever pushed the button.

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