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A person walking down a tunnel with wires.

This is the story of Marq (twitter.com/dev_null321). Which involves passwords, the dark web, and police.


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Court records and news articles were used to fact check this episode. However Marq requested that links to his full name not be made available.


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JACK: Back in 2010, there was a guy named Omar who worked at a car dealership in Austin, Texas. He was twenty years old at the time and was trying to build his career up. Well, for whatever reason, it didn’t work out and the car dealership fired him. Omar was mad. I don’t know why; he was furious for being fired. He wanted revenge. He wanted justice. He felt like what they did to him was wrong and he wanted to fight back. Omar knew the computers and systems at the car dealership because he had to know them to do his job. So, after he’s fired, he checks to see if he still has access to the systems, but nope; the dealership disabled his account and he couldn’t get in. [MUSIC] But he had another employee’s login who still worked there. He was able to use this other employee’s login to access the computers at this car dealership. He logs in and looks around. The first thing he goes for is their Web Tech Plus system. See, if a customer is late paying their car payment, the dealership may repossess the car, which means they’re gonna physically go and get that car back. But this is hard and time-consuming.

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