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Fabio Viggiani is an incident responder. In this episode he talks about the story when one of his clients were breached.


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JACK: Who’s the person with the most power in the workplace? You might think it’s the CEO or owner since they can call all the shots and make policy changes that everyone has to adhere to. But I think the most powerful person in the workplace might be the sysadmin, the person who has administrative access to the core machines that are required for the business to operate. They can see what’s in the database and they can read anyone’s e-mail in the whole company, and they can see what files are on your computer, and they can sniff all the network traffic from your computer to see where you go and what you downloaded. Now, not every network is set up like this, where someone can see everything about everyone, and not all networks have one person who has all this access. But some networks are set up like this, where one person has control of everything. With the press of a button, they can bring business to a halt or potentially reroute customer payments or pay checks to them. It’s crazy how much power they have.

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