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Lottery balls flying around a person on a computer.

In 2014 the Puerto Rico Lottery was mysteriously losing money. Listen to this never before told story about what happened and who did it.


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JACK: When I was a teenager living at home with my dad, it always felt like he was invading my privacy. He would do things like open and read the mail that I got, or he would go into my room when I wasn’t there. He says he was picking up trash or collecting dirty cups, but I always suspected he was going through my things for some reason. [MUSIC] Sometimes he’d barge into my room when I was there, too, and I didn’t like that. What if he saw me doing something on my computer that I didn’t want him to see? So, I set up an early warning system so I would know when he was coming. I would sometimes put sheets of newspaper just outside my door. I’d arrange it in such a way that he’d have to step on it to get to my door, and the crinkle of the newspaper would tip me off that someone’s coming. This worked for a while, especially just hearing him complain ah, there’s newspaper all over the floor; what’s going on out here? That way, I would know he’s coming in. But one day, he decided to be tricky.

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