Noor Aziz Uddin

Farhan Arshad and Noor Aziz Uddin were captured 2 years after being placed on the FBI’s Cyber’s Most Wanted list for PBX hacking.

In this episode, we explain PBX hacking and how hackers are racking up billions of dollars in phone bills. We also learn how the two men were captured.

Thanks to guest Paul Byrne at for being interviewed. He is currently working on new ways to prevent PBX hacking.

Farhan Arshad Noor Aziz Uddin

Ways to prevent PBX hacking



Music in this episode: “Gouttes” by Hicham Chahidi, “Saver” by Podington Bear, “Answering M” by Sro, “The Loss of Blood” by Ian Alex Mac, “In My Head” by Podington Bear, “Holding Hands” by Podington Bear, “Bit Rio” by Podington Bear.

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