Can’t wait for new episodes of Darknet Diaries? Want something similar? Here are some shows that you might also like.


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A curated playlist

Here's a curated playlist Jack has created of some of his favorite hacking story podcasts that are similar to Darknet Diaries.

Breach and Hacker Stories

Casefile Podcast
This episode goes in depth to explore the story of Silk Road, a drug marketplace on the darknet.
Reply All Podcast
This show occasionally has hacker stories. Try episodes #32, #43, and #102.
R00t Access Podcast
This podcast covers topics about hacking and breaches.
Breach Podcast
An in depth, 5 part series, on the Yahoo breach.
Malicious Life
The show goes over many famous cases of malware. Good narration, good music score, good topics, good research. Good show!
Hackable? Podcast
The show tests whether certain things are hackable or not.
Hacked Podcast
A show dissecting breaches and hacks.
Vince in the Bay Podcast
Check out episode 2. Hector AKA "Sabu" tells his story of the life of a hacker. The host, Vince flew to NY to interview Hector in person, and then spent 6 hours in the interview.
Decrypted Podcast
This covers various stories about encryption and breaches.
Dark Web Podcast
Requires Audible account. Takes you on a tour of the dark web. Tells you what's going on there. Crime circles, underground markets, hackers for hire, etc.
eXclusivOR Podcast
This is a fictional story about hackers. Perhaps if you liked some of Cory Doctorow's books then you'd like this.

Security News Podcasts

cyberwire Podcast
A great daily podcast to catch you up on the very latest in InfoSec news and insightful interviews.
Risky Biz Podcast
A weekly podcast featuring the week's security news and interviews with industry leaders.
Down the Security Rabbit Hole Podcast
Round table discussions about security news and topics.
Brakeing Down Security Podcast
Round table discussion with security experts on various topics.
Crypto-Gram Security Podcast
A reading of the latest blog posts of Bruce Schneier. Bruce's blog posts are insightful and thought provoking.

Non-Security Shows I Recommend

These are shows that have nothing to do with hacking or InfoSec, but I really enjoy them.

disgraceland Podcast
The gritty and unbelievable true crime stories that famous musicians committed and got away with. The writing and narration and storytelling is really well done.
Twenty Thousand Hertz
Great podcast exploring the most iconic sounds in our everyday lives. I highly recommend the episode called Ultrasonic Tracking.
Love + Radio Podcast
The show that's tripped me out many times and has taken me on wild adventures. The music scoring is a thing of beauty.
The Orbiting Human Circus of the air Podcast
This fictional show is just incredible. Made by one of the musicians from Neutral Milk Hotel. It's a psychedelic adventure that will stretch your imagination.
Alone, A Love Story Podcast
The writing on this show is perfection. My heart is torn to pieces on every episode. Really fantastic piece of work.
Heavyweight Podcast
Another podcast where the writing is perfection. It reminds me as if David Sedaris were some kind investigative journalist. What makes this show special is that we get to move the story forward with the characters.
Radiolab Podcast
Amazing stories, often about something scientific. One of the biggest influencers for me making Darknet Diaries and I still listen to it frequently.
Ghetto Life 101 Podcast
There are some stories you just remember for years later. This story was made 25 years ago but still I find myself listening to it every now and then. It's just so personal and amazing.
Jump Blue
In my opinion, this is an example of a perfectly done story. I find myself forgetting to breath while listening to this. I levitate while listening. It's such a powerful piece that I take a lot of notes from.