Darknet Diaries stats and analytics for 2023

Jan 1, 2023 - Dec 31, 2023

Total downloads (measured by Megaphone and verified by Podtrac)


Down by 9.1 mil from 2022

Downloads per day


Each spike you see is because and episode was released on that day. The blue is this year the purple is last year’s daily download stats.

We saw a decline in downloads this year. Last year’s total was 27,677,785. So a 33% drop. There’s a clear reason for this. Last year we published 24 episodes. This year we published 9.

Despite the drastic slowdown in releasing new episodes, the number of subscribers has gone up. The average episode gets about 700,000 downloads now, which is up from 600k last year.

However, despite seeing a 33% drop in podcast stats, that doesn’t include YouTube stats, and YouTube saw a 500% increase. So adding it all up, we did see a rise in overall downloads/views/listen.

We now have real time stats, updated daily. You can see the top episodes here: https://darknetdiaries.com/top.

Monthly downloads all time.


Zooming out, looking at monthly downloads over the last 5 years you can see how the slow down in production has impacted overall downloads. This is not something we’re worried about, as the slower release schedule is the right pace for us to continue to deliver high quality content without facing any burnout.

The monetization of the podcast is still doing well. We have all the resources we need to continue delivering the show.

Notable 2023 Events

User Agent/App

Apple Podcasts4,696,93325%
Google Podcasts on Android1,486,7298%
Pocket Casts762,1594%
Podcast Addict463,2963%


United States8,270,00845%
United Kingdom1,629,0149%

Top Episode of All Time

100: NSO1,013,780
112: Dirty Coms1,002,295
Ep 1: The Phreaky World of PBX Hacking974,841
99: The Spy965,755
92: The Pirate Bay953,135
110: Spam Botnets870,951
116: Mad Dog868,826
102: Money Maker864,764
114: HD852,785

This year marks the first time an episode hit a million downloads!


Ok so in 2022 we started uploading episodes to YouTube and got 3 million total views. In 2023 the YouTube channel saw 15,181,007 views! That’s pretty much the same as the podcast stats. In some months YouTube is outperforming the podcast.

So while the podcast side of things went down by 9 million downloads in 2023, we gained 13 million downloads from YouTube. So a net overall is that total downloads grew from 2022 to 2023 despite the drastic slowdown. (Stats are confusing I know, but YouTube and podcast stats are always separate, just like how Twitter/Instagram/Facebook listens aren’t in the total either).

So with 18,506,990 podcast downloads and 15,181,007 YouTube views, we technically had a total of 33,687,997 downloads/views/listens in 2023.

Daily YouTube views in 2023

One video had over 1 million views!

2023 started with 116k YouTube subs and ended with 309,000.

Previous stats from 2018.

Previous stats from 2019.

Previous stats from 2020.

Previous stats from 2021.

Previous stats from 2022.

Plans/goals for 2024:

  • New episodes out first Tuesday of every month. 12 total for the year.
  • A few extra YouTube videos are in the works. YouTube seems experimental to us still, so why not throw some stuff up there with our new found audience and see what happens.
  • With the slowed down pace, it is allowing us to be creative in other areas. There may be something totally new that comes out from Jack Rhysider in 2024.

The best is still yet to come! We’re just getting started! Here’s to an exciting 2024.