It’s a nightmare scenario that’s alarmingly common. Your spouse, partner, ex, co-worker, or vengeful person is determined they want to spy on you. To follow you everywhere you go digitally. They might have access to your location, the cameras in your home, your emails. It’s extremely violating and horrible. Here are a few resources that can help if you’re in this situation.

EFF’s Surveillance Self Defense

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is dedicated to protecting the digital rights and privacy of ordinary people around the world. They have a Surveillance Self Defense website that’s worth checking out. They have all sorts of useful information about how to secure your phone and online communications in ways that could make it a lot more difficult for your abuser to spy on you.

The EFF SSD project is lead by Eva Galperin who has a Ted talk titled What you need to know about stalkerware.

Coalition Against Stalkerware

Coalition Against Stalkerware might be your lifesaver. Their website can connect you to lifesaving agencies in multiple countries including Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam, the UK, and the US. These agencies have firsthand expertise with rescuing people from stalkerware abuse

Operation: Safe Escape

Operation: Safe Escape is based in the United States. They can help you create secure communication channels to shelters and social services. They work with law enforcement to help bring justice to your abuser. All the work they do, they do free of charge. They have extensive experience dealing with stalkerware incidents, and also domestic violence situations in general.

Operation: Safe Escape was originally called Go Ask Rose. But the Go Ask Rose website is still online and it’s worth a visit for the information in their various security guides and on how to create an escape plan. They also still have a web form you can use to contact them for help if you’re in a dangerous situation, with or without stalkerware.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Whether or not your abuser is using stalkerware on you, you may need to seek help to escape their abuse. The National Domestic Violence Hotline’s website has a wealth of resources that can help you. Don’t stay in an abusive relationship, get out as soon as you can!


If you’re a victim of revenge porn or someone sharing your photos without your consent, BADASS Army can help. BADASS stands for Battling Against Demeaning and Abusive Selfie Sharing.

Lock Down Your Life is a site dedicated to helping you get your electronic life secure.

Intel Techniques provides training, resources, and a podcast focused on helping you be more private and secure in your personal life. They have helped many people escape from digital abuse.


Beginner’s Introduction to Privacy and Extreme Privacy are both great for helping you secure and lockdown your life, keeping stalkers, governments, and companies out of your digital life.

Nobody’s Victim is written by a lawyer who has represented many women who’ve been victim of online harassment and abuse.

Crash Override is the story of how Zoe Quinn was a victim of a massive harassment campaign. It has stories of many of women who’ve been victim of online harassment.

You aren’t alone

If you’re in an abusive or violent situation, you must get help ASAP. Don’t lose hope, lots of people escape abusive situations everyday. Stalkerware is an example of how abuse exploits modern technology. But you can rid your life of it. And whether or not stalkerware is being used on you, you can escape, you can break free. I wish you health and happiness because you deserve it.