Last updated: April 28, 2024.

This Privacy Policy details the data collection and use practices of Darknet Diaries across various platforms and services. Our goal is to keep you informed about the types of information we collect and how it is handled.

Website Data Collection:

  • No Personal Data Collection: does not collect any personal data from visitors. There are no tracking scripts, backend monitoring of user behavior, or cookies.
  • Audio Streaming: When you play an episode on our site, the audio is hosted by Megaphone. This interaction triggers analytics tools to measure listening habits.


  • and are covered under separate sections below due to their distinct functionalities and data practices.

Audio Podcast

Data Handling in Podcast Distribution:

  • Hosting and Analytics: The podcast’s RSS feed and audio files are hosted by Megaphone, which collects data such as IP addresses, user agents, and download metrics. This information is partially anonymized and used to analyze episode performance and listener demographics.
  • Third-Party Analytics: We use services like Podtrac, Podsights, and Chartable to gather additional analytics. These services collect similar types of data, each governed by its respective privacy policy.

Podcast Apps:

  • App-Specific Data Collection: Each podcast app, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and others, has its own data collection and privacy practices. We receive pseudonymized analytics from these apps, which might include episode downloads, subscription counts, and listener engagement metrics.


  • Hosted by Shopify: This platform collects data about your interactions, cart contents, and the details necessary for processing purchases.
  • Order Fulfillment by Printful: Post-purchase, your order details are sent to Printful for fulfillment. This includes item specifics and shipping information.


  • Subscription Service: Managed by SupportingCast, this platform shares subscriber information with us, including usernames, email addresses, and donation history.
  • Email Management: Subscriber emails are handled by Mailchimp.
  • Payment Processing: Payments are processed through Stripe.

Third-Party Privacy Policies

For further details on how your data is handled by third-party services, please review their privacy policies:

Megaphone: Privacy Policy

Podtrac: Privacy Policy

Podsights: Privacy Policy

Chartable: Privacy Policy

Shopify: Privacy Policy

Printful: Privacy Policy

SupportingCast: Privacy Policy

Mailchimp: Privacy Policy

Stripe: Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to maintaining transparency about our data practices. If you have any inquiries, please reach out to us for further clarification.