Darknet Diaries is a podcast showcasing stories about hackers and cyber crime. Host Jack Rhysider takes you on a documentary style journey through data breaches, lack of online privacy, and major hacks. Hear personal stories from hackers, victims of online attacks, and experts in the field. Darknet Diaries simplifies hacking stories to entertain and inform both the average listener and security expert.

“Neatly edited and charmingly presented by Jack Rhysider, the podcast does occasionally stray into nerdiness, but it’s chock-full of real-life examples of when our virtual lives fail.”     The Guardian

Darknet Diaries

Top Episodes

Jayson E. Street

Ep 6: The Beirut Bank Job

Security consultant Jayson E. Street is paid to test the physical security of a bank. He's a master at physically sneaking into places and gaining access he shouldn't have. But one time, he accidentally broke into the wrong bank!

Ep 10: Misadventures of a Nation State Actor

Hackers that work for government agencies are the most capable and sophisticated in the world. Hear the story of how one nation state actor hacks into another government.
Cyber Command Center


Ep 2: The Peculiar Case of the VTech Hacker

In 2015 the toy maker VTech was breached. Millions of user's information was stolen. Including hundreds of thousands of children's records. Including photos of children. Listen to the full story of how the breach happened, and what happened after the breach.

About Jack

Jack Rhysider is an InfoSec veteran with over 10 years of experience. He loves sharing a great security story, and hearing your stories.
Jack Rhysider


"Everything about this podcast is done right. Hopefully it gets more traction, the podcast is too good not to be noticed." - iTunes listener, willvio
"I don't give out compliments often but Darknet Diaries is a solid podcast accessible to the non-technical and technical alike." -Twitter user, @Wiqwaq

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