Currently Seeking: Writer

Mission Statement

Darknet Diaries produces audio stories specifically intended to capture, preserve, and explain the culture around hacking and cyber security in order to educate and entertain both technical and non-technical audiences.

We adhere to journalistic standards by fact checking and ethical sourcing of information. We adopt principles of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability.

The total service should be trustworthy, enhance intellectual development, expand knowledge, deepen aural enjoyment, increase the awareness of living in a highly technical society, and result in a service to listeners which makes them more responsive, informed citizens of their digital lives.


The Darknet Diaries podcast is currently seeking a writer to help write stories for the show. Stories we need a writer to make will not include an interview from a guest but just be narrated by Jack for the podcast.

Job duties:

  • Writer will be given the option of 3 stories and will get to pick 1 to write on
  • Research the story/topic. Darknet Diaries is a fact based podcast and requires a high degree of research to write stories. Sources must be presented as well.
  • Provide an outline of the story for review and approval.
  • Write the story. It should be between 3000-8000 words.

Ideal writer will have:

  • Ability to research stories thoroughly (may include looking up court records, calling people for answers, or digging through the wayback machine)
  • Ability to grab relevant audio clips which can be used in the podcast to add to the story.
  • Ability to write comfortably with technical topics. Does not need to be highly versed in technology.
  • Ability to write a highly engaging story for the ear. This should include storytelling techniques such as story arc, character development, turns, resolutions, etc. Writing for the ear is also very different than writing for the page.

Compensation will be $0.20 to $0.40 USD per word depending on experience.

If you feel confident in your ability to fulfill these requirements please email jack [at] darknetdiaries [dot] com and provide samples of work that relate to this.