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A digital butterfly

Chris Davis has been stopping IT security threats for decades. He’s currently running the company Hyas that he started. In this episode he tells a few tales of some threats that he helped stop.


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JACK: Hey, it’s Jack, host of the show. I was talking with some online criminals the other day, which I guess I talk to criminals a lot. It’s kinda weird. But someone told me a story that really put me in deep thought. Okay, so, the story goes – and I have no way of confirming this is true, but this guy swears it’s true; he told me that he knows this guy, an online scammer, hacker, criminal guy who was caught and arrested in 2016. Now, at that time, Bitcoin was just worth $600 per coin. The police seize everything from this guy; his computers, his phones, all electronics, CDs, thumb drives, everything. But they didn’t take his notebook and in that notebook was the private key to his Bitcoin wallet. He was able to stash it in a safe place before going to prison. Currently he’s still in prison and Bitcoin has risen above $30,000 per coin. This guy’s wallet has eighteen Bitcoins in it. He’s due to get out next year and the police still don’t know about his hidden Bitcoin. It was only worth $10,000 when he got arrested, but today it’s worth almost a million dollars. All he’ll need to do to get that Bitcoin is to find the private key in that notebook he wrote down five years ago. That’s such a trip for me to think about, a criminal losing everything, starting from scratch, but the day he walks out of jail, he’ll be a millionaire all because he was able to hold onto that Bitcoin the whole time.

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