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Jenny standing in rain.

Meet Jenny Radcliffe, the People Hacker. She’s a social engineer and physical penetration tester. Which means she gets paid to break into buildings and test their security. In this episode she tells us a few stories of some penetration testing jobs she’s done.


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JACK: I don’t know why, but I’m always amazed by a well-executed scam. There’s something especially elegant about the ones that are as simple as they are effective. Have you heard about the watermelon drop scam? Okay, so for a while in Japan, the prices of watermelons were really high, and so what con artists did is they got ahold of some bad watermelons, ones that were worthless, and they would carry it through a part of town where tourists visit, and they’d intentionally bump into a tourist and drop the watermelon at the same time which would burst open on the ground and make quite a mess. The con artists would then yell and scream at the tourists, saying don’t you know how much these are worth? I can’t believe you broke it.

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