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A sticker of a pixelated person getting pulled back to reveal a lady under.

Rachel Tobac is a social engineer. In this episode we hear how she got started doing this and a few stories of how she hacked people and places using her voice and charm.

Learn more about Rachel by following her on Twitter https://twitter.com/RachelTobac or by visiting https://www.socialproofsecurity.com/

Daniel Miessler also chimes in to talk about AI. Find out more about him at https://danielmiessler.com/.


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JACK: When I was in college, a scammer called me up. [MUSIC] He’s like, look, I’m not selling you anything or even telling you what to do. I just have information about a stock and I wanted to share it with someone, and you were just the lucky guy I found in the phone book. Listen; Stock Z is gonna go up next week. That’s all. I’ll call you back next week to prove it. I was like, alright, that was a strange call. Whatever. Yeah, he calls me back in a week and sure enough, the stock he told me about went way up. He was spot on. He was all excited about how much money he made. But I told him, you just got lucky, and he should cash out and take a trip somewhere.

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