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A masked person inside a phone.

This episode is about scammers in the Punjab region. Tarun (twitter.com/taruns21) comes on the show to tell us a story of what happened to him. Naomi Brockwell (twitter.com/naomibrockwell) makes an appearance to speak about digital privacy.

To learn more about protecting your digital privacy, watch Naomi’s YouTube channel youtube.com/@NaomiBrockwellTV. And check out the books Extreme Privacy (https://amzn.to/3L3ffp9) and Beginner’s Introduction to Privacy (https://amzn.to/3EjuSoY).


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JACK: Okay, so, I’ve got a good story for you today, but when I was researching this episode, I came across something that wasn’t exactly hacker-related but it captured my curiosity for a good thirty minutes, and maybe you’ll find this interesting, too. [MUSIC] So, apparently people in India like flying kites. But when I think of flying kites, I think about doing it in a park or at some beach, some place wide open, right? Yeah, well, that’s not how kite-flying happens in India. They like to fly kites on their rooftops in populated parts of the city, like on the tops of low-rise apartments. You’ll sometimes even see them hanging over their balcony or flying the kite right out the window. I never even knew you could fly a kite out a window three stories up, but yeah, they’re doing it, and I saw videos of this on YouTube. So, on nice breezy days in India, you may look up and see some people on the rooftops flying kites right in the middle of a busy city. Anyway, kites alone aren’t that exciting to me, but here’s the part that surprised me; apparently there are kite-fighters among these people, and this gets wild.

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