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An axe stuck in a computer rack.

Adam got a job doing IT work at a learning academy. He liked it and was happy there and feeling part of the team. But a strange series of events took him in another direction, that definitely didn’t make him happy.


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JACK: One time when I was in middle school, my mom bought some cookies at the store and put them in the cupboard. After school one day, I saw the box and it wasn’t opened yet. I opened it up and took two cookies. They were so good, so I went back and got two more. I was still hungry, so I went and got four more and ate them, too. At this point, I looked and over half the box was gone. I thought oh no, I’m gonna be in trouble for eating over half a box of cookies. I didn’t like getting in trouble, [MUSIC] so I stood there and looked at the box and tried thinking what I could do. But there was no way to undo it, so my twelve-year-old self came up with the idea that maybe if the whole box is completely gone, box and all, then maybe my mom will just forget she bought it altogether. So, I took the whole box out of the cupboard, covered the area with some other food so it didn’t look like anything was missing, and I ate them all. Then I threw the empty box away in the outside trash bin and covered it up with some more trash. You know what? It worked. She didn’t notice. At least, she never mentioned to me anything about the cookies, and I didn’t get in any trouble. I think she really did forget that she bought them, and so, my plan worked. I tell you this story because in this episode, you’ll hear a similar story, but one with much higher stakes, and it doesn’t end so well.

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